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What Are Content-Based Online Social Networks?

Content-based online social networks are social websites that allow users to share their content with others. The ultimate goal of social media is to create buzz, interaction, and increase your bottom line. Like all aspects of marketing, content is king. Nevertheless, there are some differences between the content of social media and that of traditional web marketing. If you’re curious about what content-based social networks are, read on.

Snapchat and Facebook Stories are two examples of content-based social networks. Snapchat, for example, allows users to share videos and images with friends. These stories can have up to 24 hours. The limited life of a story can dissuade users from engaging with it. This type of social media platform offers users the option of curating content and weaving it into the themes of the site. However, brands should be careful not to prioritize stories over traditional social networks, as this type of content may not be as effective for a business.

Despite the differences between content-based social networks and traditional web forums, there are some similarities between these platforms. Baidu Tieba, the largest Chinese search engine, is a content-based social network. Its features are similar to those of Reddit, but the format is more general. Similarly, 23snaps is a private image-sharing app for parents, where users can post images privately. Similarly, Likee, a Singaporean short video content platform, has visual effects and video recording capabilities.

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