Should You Pursue a Career in Information Technology Or Chemical Engineering?

Are you wondering whether to pursue a career in information technology or chemical engineering? These two fields are both fast-paced and have tremendous growth potential. In the coming years, this field is expected to grow by about 4 percent. However, these figures are not representative lpllive of the situation in all states. For instance, careers in chemical engineering are expected to decline in Tennessee, but they are projected to grow by nearly one third in Utah. You should consider both options carefully and find the best fit for you.

Computer scientists and chemical engineers usually need a Bachelor’s degree with a concentration in either area. Some employers also require relevant certifications and on-the-job training. For those who already hold a Master’s degree, some employers may offer advanced positions. These fields both require strong math skills, which are useful for developing products, planning processes xekdq and troubleshooting technical issues. However, if you love programming, it’s best to pursue an IT career.

The field of chemical engineering is as old as process industries. It has its roots in fermentation and evaporation processes, and is believed to have helped pioneer modern industrial practices. In addition to manufacturing products for everyday use, chemical engineers have helped space exploration by designing fuel cells and propellants. Ultimately, this field will likely provide the solutions to water and environmental problems. It’s a fascinating field that is sure to change the world.

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