LCD Buyback in China and Recycle Programming for Cracked iPhone and iPad

The LCD buyback industry in China is booming, but many companies are not aware of the potential profit to be made. There are illegal practices, such as sending broken screens to a Chinese market via submarine. While such practices would land most people in jail in the USA, they are a common practice in the Asian supply chain. The process is relatively straightforward, and serious buyers can examine the screens before making offers. Whether to make offers at a market in China is up to you and your own research.

LCD buyback in China is a lucrative business. More than ninety percent of the labor in this industry comes from mainland China, and prices for the screens that are recycled by the companies are generally high. In addition, the labor that is used to repair LCD screens is highly skilled. However, the LCD screen recycling industry will be very profitable for some years, because the iPhone market is growing. Even the Chinese government announced that it would support the repair of third-party batteries.

When LCD screens are bought back, they take a long journey to get there. In addition to retail store locations, they are also sold to wholesale refurbishers. After they have been damaged, these screens are sent to various people in China. Some of these refurbishers are not even affiliated with the factories and sell their products through representatives. The entire process may take as long as two months, and the prices fluctuate much more than for older phones.

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